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09 Feb 2006

I have been skeptical of the radio for quite some time. I find most stations devoid of variety and soul. There are some various college stations I have heard that sometimes won’t adhere to some strict line up of corporate music. Still, who am I to judge.

Living in Minneapolis, I have come across The Current which is a subsidary of MPR. It is commercial free and full of variety; one cannot go wrong with this.

Further still, a new friend, Andi has shown me the light known as Pandora. This is an ad-free site that with the help of Flash creates a great interface to create your own radio station. You enter in an artist or song and it creates a playlist that is full of similar songs. The technology behind determining similarity between songs is something known as The Music Genome Project. It seems to be quite amazing and I will have to find out more info on it. So, if you just don’t know what to listen to, give it a try.

Old Canes' Early Morning Hymns