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About Alan Palazzolo

Alan Palazzolo is an open-source coder trying to make the world a little better using technology to tell compelling, visual, and data-driven stories.

Projects by Alan Palazzolo

Big gaps in 911 response

An analysis of more than 70,000 calls shows disparities in response times across the Twin Cities.

startribune data-analysis front-end

Disappearing forests in Minnesota

Exploration and visualization of prediction models of biomes changing in Minesota.

startribune front-end

Housing markets in the Twin Cities

Analysis of a decade of housing data across the Twin Cities metro area giving readers a complete picture and ranking of each market in the area.

startribune front-end

How high school hockey in Minnesota has changed

Analysis of hundreds of thousands of penalties over almost a decade to show how the game has changed in Minnesota high school hockey.

startribune data-analysis

Live midterm election results

2018 live midterm election results powered by Associated Press and Minnesota Secretary of State via civix.

startribune front-end

Denied Justice

Denied Justice was a powerful, multi-part series about sexual assult in Minnesota; I was tasked with building the front-end of the interactive video installment.

startribune front-end

Minneapolis 2040 plan

How each parcel across Minneapolis will change under the proposed 2040 plan.

startribune front-end data-analysis mapping

Top executives in Minnesota

List of the most compensated executives in Minnesota.

startribune front-end

Minnesota election guide

Candidates positions for key races in state-level races in Minnesota..

startribune front-end

Strib social card generator

A browser-based tool for creating images for social platforms.

startribune front-end tool

Minnesota top businesses

A breakdown of the top 50 publicly-traded companies based in Minnesota.

startribune front-end

Minnesota campaign finance in key races

An updating look at how money is flowing to candidates in key races in Minnesota.

startribune front-end

Summer camp guide

An interactive, searchable database to help readers find summer camps for their kids and families.

startribune front-end

Minnesota top non-profit 100

The top 100 non-profits in Minnesota.

startribune front-end

Twin Cities election guide

Screenshot of Twin Cities election guide

Address-based lookup to figure out what is on the ballot in the Twin Cities.

startribune front-end

Super Bowl guide

A progressive wbe app mini-site showcasing things to do and see in the Twin Cities for visitors that were in town for Super Bowl LII.

startribune front-end progressive-web-app

Ranked-choice explained

An updated visual explanation of how ranked-choice voting works.

startribune front-end

Minnesota elections API

A command-line tool that turns data from the Minnesota Secretary of State into JSON files for use as a static API.

startribune command-line api

Beating the odds

Updating our predictive analysis of how schools may doing better than what is modeled based on free or reduced-price lunch in the school.

startribune front-end

Mayoral calculus

A visual explanation of how the 2017 Minneapolis mayoral ranked-choice race was counted and how the winner was determined.

startribune front-end

How land use has changed in the Twin Cities

Utilizing land use data and aerial imagery, I created these maps to how land use has change from 2010 to 2016 in the Twin Cities. The data analysis and mapping informed reporting on multiple stories.

startribune front-end data-analysis mapping

Town halls

During the 2017 congressional recess, we tracked which representatives were having town hall meetings.

wnyc front-end

Where they stand

Working with reporters and devs at WNYC and NPR, we quickly surveyed all members of Congress on their stance concerning the travel ban, and created a simple interface to look up your representatives.

wnyc front-end


Screenshot of Landslide

For Electionland 2016, I created a small, lightweight interface to explore the firehose of multiple data sources that ElectionLand was gathering information from; this helped the volunteers and reports to triage quickly and get to the most relevant data they needed more efficiently.

wnyc front-end back-end electionland


tables is a command-line utility aimed at making it easy to get tabular data, large or small, in multiple file formats into a database quickly, while still supporing edge cases and flexibility.

wnyc command-line database


A command line utility, catalog-it provides functions to archive data catalogs. By using something like cron, catalog-it can watch and download and archive every dataset in a data-catalog when it changes, such as New York City's data portal. Currently only works with Socrata data portals.

wnyc command-line archiving

MTA styles

A small CSS/SASS library for creating consistent MTA subway symbols and colors.

wnyc front-end tool design


A browser-based locator map image creator, Locator use browser mapping technologies to allow a user to create custom locator maps, and allows organizations to deploy Locator in a way that is consistent with their organization.

wnyc front-end tool

Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a front-end library for creating, simple but elegant vertical timelines; designed to be easy but customizable to fit different needs.

wnyc front-end library


As part of Infomagical, an engagement project around information overload, I built a back-end SMS system that interacted with 20k users and sent over 100k messages and images, all on a very tight deadline.

wnyc back-end sms

Aurora Shanty

As part of the 2016 Art Shanty project, I led a team that built a northern-lights-inspired, solar-powered LED display inside a small shanty on a frozen lake for a month in the Minnesota winter.

personal art hardware led


In 2016, we updated the popular SchoolBook website that provided an interface to easily search and compare schools in NYC.

wnyc front-end data-analysis

Citi Bike deserts

After tracking data from the hundreds of Citi Bike stations, we were able to determine when and where there was consistent empty or full areas around the city.

wnyc front-end data-analysis mapping


Working with young artists at Juxstaposition Arts, we created and installed a display near a downtown bus stop in Minneapolis, that showed custom, animated visualizations of buses arriving in real-time.

personal art civic

Bike lane blockers

Asking listeners to submit their experiences and pictures, we created a map showing where cars, trucks, people, and may other things ended up blocking the bike lanes.

wnyc front-end user-input

Metal detectors

Manually piecing together multiple datasets, we analyzed the schools that had metal detectors and what kind of students ended up going through them.

wnyc front-end data-analysis

Illegal hotels

We did geospatial analysis of AirBnB listings and inpsections of "illegal hotels" in NYC.

wnyc front-end data-analysis

Parks access

We analyzed parks and park access across NYC and found that though the numbers in aggregate are good, access could vary greatly across the city.

wnyc front-end data-analysis mapping

Ice cream radar

It was hot in NYC, so we made a map to help people to get to ice cream.

wnyc front-end

Subway agony

To help determine just how late trains were running across the MTA system, we regulary took snapshots of real-time train data to create the simplified, emoji-based "Subway Agony index".

wnyc front-end data-analysis

NYC watershed

A visual explanaition of where NYC gets most of it's drinking water from.

wnyc front-end


In the wake of the George Washington Bridge lane closure, a.k.a. Bridgegate, we created an audio and visual walk through of the people involved and their relation to Governor Chris Christie.

wnyc front-end

Slack-enabled camera

An experiment in connecting Slack to a camera to help facilite remote work.

wnyc hardware

Speed cameras

After analyzing ticket locations across the city, our team could pinpoint where speeding cameras were and what kind of impact they had.

wnyc front-end

Outside spending

Working with our state political reporter, we visualized how money flowed through PACs on the Minnesota state level.

minnpost front-end

MN competitive House districts

Analysis and presentation of political leanings for all state House races in Minnesota.

minnpost front-end data-analysis

Minneapolis zoning

A simple map visualization of zoning across the city of Minneapolis.

minnpost front-end data-analysis mapping


A browser-based tool to help create custom cartogram layouts.

minnpost front-end tool

20 races

A breakdown of the 20 most competitive races for the Minnesota State House.

minnpost front-end data-analysis


Lacu is a project we made for Northern Spark 2014 which visualizes 13,817 lakes in Minnesota, two at a time. Lacu ran from sun up to sun down, the span of the event. The plan was to project it on the front of the Northrup Auditorium, but due to weather, we projected it inside the building.

minnpost front-end art

who lives on the green line

After the Green line opened, we visualized the demographics along the new transit line.

minnpost front-end data-analysis

Journalism in code

Regularly collecting information from all the journalism organizations on Github, "journalism in code" shows what code is being written across these organizations.

minnpost front-end tool community

Metro-area parcels

A map of every parcel in the most of the counties in the Twin Cities metro area.

minnpost front-end data-analysis

County commissioner

An interactive questionnaire for helping readers narrow their selection for the Hennepin County Commissioner primary.

minnpost front-end

Normal temperatures

An hourly-updated look at how the temperatute today, the past week, the past month, and the current season in the Twin Cities compares to the 30-year normal.

minnpost front-end data-analysis

Snow emergency locator

A mobile-friendly way to look up if you are parking on the right side of the road during a Snow Emergency in Minneapolis using browser-based location.

minnpost front-end


Lumière is a personal project where anyone can change the colors of the holiday lights on our house. Designed to be reusable and extended, its architecture is flexible and well-documented.

personal hardware led

Visualizing hazardous materials

A visual breakdown of all the hazmat incidents that occurred in Minnesota from 2000 to 2012.

minnpost front-end

Gettysburg address

A quiz-like interactive to test how well readers know the Gettysburg Address.

minnpost front-end


An experimentation in how to represent the live estimated time of arrival for buses.

personal art civic

Live elections results

Live election results dashboard utilizing data from the Minnesota Secretary of State.

minnpost front-end back-end

Minneapolis crime

Monthly interactive visual showing crime trends by neighborhoods in Minneapolis.

minnpost front-end data-analysis


A browser-based tool for creating simple choropleth maps.

minnpost front-end tool mapping

Simple Map D3

A javascript, D3 libary for making simple choropleth maps in the browser.

minnpost front-end tool

Mapping fiber

Reporting and mapping on the spread of fiber-optic internet in Minneapolis.

minnpost front-end

What did they pass?

A visual look at what the Minnesota State Legislature passed in the 2013 session.

minnpost front-end

Legislature tracker

An interactive utilizing Open States to show how key bills are progressing through the Minnesota State Legislature.

minnpost front-end

Dayton's budget

A visual rundown of Governor Dayton's proposed budget.

minnpost front-end

Legislature scenarios

An exploration of how the Minnesota State Legislature might turn out after the election.

minnpost front-end

Invasive species

A map of all the reports of invasive species across Minnesota.

minnpost front-end data-analysis

A Day in the Life of Nice Ride

An animated map showing bike-share trips across the city of Minneapolis.

minnpost front-end data-analysis mapping


A personal project showcasing the places I have lived to the tune of an Astronautalis song.

personal front-end art

Change by Us (Philly)

Screenshot of Change by Us (Philly)

Change by Us is civic tool to gather and aggreagte feedback about community concerns.

code-for-america front-end back-end

Screenshot of

Explore historical sites in San Diego on this map.

personal front-end civic

Haiku and a Portrait

In 2009, I started the year with the thought that I would a take a self-portrait and write a haiku everyday. I did not make it more than a month, but the short time was enjoyable and I produced some decent work.

personal art