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Warm Beer Cold Women

23 Apr 2006

I got the opportunity to see Warm Beer Cold Women, a celebration of Tom Waits. Tom Waits is an amazing artist and has been producing unique and powerful music for about 30 years, I believe. Warm Beer and Cold Women was a perfomrance of his songs chronologically done by a full band a three differnt singers (two male, one female). It goes through 30 songs, not necessarily in their entirety. It is not a cover piece. It aims at interpretating his songs by having the singers represent the characters in his songs. Much of Tom Waits’ songs portray the underbelly of our culture and our hearts in a beautiful and tragic way. I think they did a fantastic job of interpretting his songs, though they did not distort his “sound”. They definitely were not able to replicate his voice. I am not sure anyone could sing like Tom Waits anyway.

Warm Beer Cold Women @copy; unknown

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