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Two Gallants Still Live

28 May 2006

There are few things in this world that make me feel spirtual–that make me believe that there could be more to us that just skin and bones. The first being the love I have been blessed to recieve from the many beautiful people that have shared their life with me, be them family, friends, and even strangers. The second being this organization of noise we call music. Vibrations from all kinds of objects, in certain pitches, with possible patterns, and truely enjoyed by the player, this is where I find my soul. Giving or recieving, music to me represents all that only humans are capable of (maybe…).

That said. On Thursday, I walked into the Church of Two Gallants where angels whispered hymns of truth and beauty into my ears. I saw them at the Triple Rock Social Club with Drakkar Sauna and The Gleam. They were two boys with few words other than lyrics. They came on stage and played so gloriously. It may have not been one of their best performances, but even at their lowest their hearts shined on their sleeves. Adam Stephens’ (singer,guitarist) fingers where a whirlwind of fury as if he had sold his soul to the devil to play guitar. And the arms of Tyson Vogel flailed like an octopus on the drums with such precision and gunpowder, perfection is not a suitable word. These guys, though only two in number, sound like a thousand-angel choir with a hundred-demon step-team and every guitar-hero in our age playing like the night they first fell in love. Here’s a better review. There are also a few more pictures I took… right here.

The other two bands were stellar as well, but I do not have the motivation to write more due to my illness. Just take my word for it. Have I ever steered you wrong before?

  Original RhuBarBeQue
Hold On To Youth