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Can Dreamhost be any more dreamier?

18 Jun 2006

This site is hosted by SpinInk in cahoots with Dreamhost. Well, they both do a stellar job and have my applause. And though SpinInk has a blog-o-sphere-a-thingy with great SuSE articles and superb photography, Dreamhost makes me fall on the floor laughing with their weB LOG. I first have to wonder how these dedicated people find the time to write such things. Looking past that onto the laughter behind the hosting, you will find such gems as Why Webhosting Is Here To Stay and The Expert Speaks. Lots of visuals!

So here are my conclusions: 1) They have someone whose sole position is to maintain the blog. Kind of like an HR guy or gal, who has personally been trained by all the great comedians in our day. It is the only way to explain these things. 2) My job is so boring, I am not sure why I wake up in the morning. Dreamhost looks like summer camp, but with computers and fun. No, but seriously folks, my job is great, and it may not always be sunshine in the morning but its worth it… just to read new Dreamhost Blog posts!

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