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A Great Man Has Fallen

11 Mar 2007

I went to school at ASU, and in those four years, I worked at the Mellow Mushroom the whole time. Mellow Mushroom was my home. I moved each year and lived with many wonderful people, but I could always go to Mellow Mushroom and feel at ease. I worked with a lot of great people there and though there was turnaround, it was always like a family.

Bill Mink was the manager when I first started but became owner not too long after that. He was my friend, my employer, my mentor, and a father figure to me and many other. Thank you, Bill, for making my life better. You will be missed.

There is not much to say when someone passes. It’s such a definite thing. Though our emotions are difficult and complicated, death is simple. I think the key is to put perspective back into your life and cherish the relationships we are lucky to still have.

Bill Mink Obituary

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