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The Future of this Site and Myself

20 Mar 2008

I had updated this site to Drupal 6, but did not realize that some fundamental modules, like CCK and Views, were not quite where they needed to be. This is not to say that there is any sort of lacking on the developer’s side.

The Drupal project is really amazing, and I have come to love it and its community. So, even though I got a little too excited, I also have in turn found the motivation to start to give back to such a wonderful community. The desire was already there, but I guess I needed a push. Yes, I am saying it here first; I am giving back. There are many ways to contribute to Drupal. I am not sure which path I will go down first, but I have got a couple ideas for some modules.

Also, I am rebuilding this site from the bottom up (again):

  • I am abandoning Gallery 2, another wonderful open-source project. This is not because of any fault of its own, but because I would like something a little more streamlined. I don’t need all the functionality that Gallery 2 comes with. The space my images were taking up was getting a little ridiculous as well. So, I apologize for anyone that had links to any of those gallery images. I imagine any of the good ones will be back up in due time.
  • I need to make a new Drupal theme, this one, Barron is pretty awesome for now.
  • I will be importing my old content as well. I would like to rethink how I was making my map points
  • I am allowing comments and using reCAPTCHA to avoid spam. So, please leave me some comments so I can make myself and this site better and more enjoyable for all.
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