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living small

09 Apr 2008

This is Livin Small by OneLineDrawing on the album The Volunteers.

OneLineDrawing is Jonah Matranga, a beautiful, brilliant man. His songs are so pure. This song pretty much encompasses his view on making music and living life. You should check out this YouTube Video of Jonah doing Livin’ Small in a Living Room which will give you even a better sense of how honest and cute he really is.

I think it’s weird: our youth. Not in the sense of “the children”, but in the sense of our own personal youth. I am older now and I feel pretty removed from high school and those emotions. And still, I think I am closer to it than most people my age. It’s not a time I need to go back to; I am firmly rooted in the present. But there’s so much honesty in youth that seems to disappear. There’s so much freedom in being young. Sometimes I feel it slipping away. Sometimes I can’t find it at all in certain people and thats scary. Sometimes I get lost in it.

There are lots of musicians that sing to a younger crowd, but most of them are either stuck being kids and immature or just trying to make money. Jonah, he knows young love and the young heart and the freedom in youth. And he knows it’s not about age. He doesn’t need anyone to sing it to. He knows we are free.

This is why I love OneLineDrawing. He sings to himself and other people happen to listen. He is intimate with each person that comes to his shows and listens to his music. You should listen to all his music. This is only a taste. All of it is beautiful and true. This is just what I happen to be listening to tonight.

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