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sauvie island

16 May 2008

This is Sauvie Island by Kickball from the album Huckleberry Eater [1].

This song seems to fit the sudden greenness that has descended onto this tundra and it keeps getting played over and over again.

Kickball is the cutest band I have ever heard. It’s like every part of my day, every part of my life, strummed onto guitars, jazzed out on drums, picked through on a bass, then smiling and yelling out through a microphone. I don’t go to too many shows by myself, but last year, I stood there with the biggest smile on my face and watched them rock out.

It’s really hard to find one song that would be worth representing Kickball. All their songs and albums are wonderful. So, take this, and go buy all their other albums; if you are disappointed, maybe you shouldn’t come back to this site.

Sauvie Island is a big island on the Columbia River, near Portland, OR. I miss Portland.

  it goes up, up, down, down