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DrupalCon DC 2009

09 Mar 2009

I just got back from DrupalCon DC. It was amazing! I was really impressed with the quality of organization mostly done by Development Seed, and all the really great and informative sessions that I got to attend.

Sessions and Presentations

I’ll highlight some of the better sessions, keynotes, and BoF I went to and link to the videos where possible. Of course all of the presentations were amazing, and I still love to hear things that reinforce what I have already learned. To see a full list of sessions and links to videos, go here.

Building APIs that Rock

A really great session on how to write modules for not just the User Interface for but for the code of other modules. Check out the video.

Code Sprint

There was a huge turn out for the last day which included code, documentation, and design sprints. I helped with the Code Sprint. I had some trouble getting there on time, due to the highly social nature of the conference (see below). I worked on the Term Message module which is used primarily on to help designate when articles that are for older versions are deprecated. This module is mostly helpful for the documentation team, so I’d like to think I was bridging the gap, as I would have liked to help with the documentation.

Drupal Social

I met some really great people while I was there. DrupalCon was non-stop, from dawn until dawn. The day started with lots of Drupal and run through until the sun was going down. Then just as my brain was full and the night was showing her face, we all found ourselves drinking until the late night (and some cases morning). It was exhausting, but I miss it.
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