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The Fourth Annual RhuBarBeQue June 2009

21 Jun 2009

A few weeks ago we had the fourth annual RhuBarBeQue. It was cold and rainy like last year, but we still had some great times and some fantastic rhubarb dishes.

  • Apricot ginger rhubarbeque sauce
  • Three pepper rhubarbeque sauce (hot!)
  • Sweet and sour tempeh cabbage with pineapple-rhubarb sauce.
  • Garlic-rhubarb vinaigrette
  • Asparagus and tofu with rhubarb glaze
  • Rhubarb cookies
  • Rhubarb crunch
  • Rhubarb pilaf
  • Sweet, sweet rhubarb compote
  • Rhubarb cake
  • Rhubarb bars
  • Rhubarb bread
  • Rhubarb old-fashioneds
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