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Merci Beaucoup

25 Nov 2009

Sorry if French is bad. I have been kind of quiet for the past few months. This is because I have just moved from Minneapolis, US to Geneva, Switzerland to start work at Shelter Centre. It’s a very exciting move for me for many reasons; but that isn’t really the intention of this post.

Anyway, what is really amazing, is that after being here for only two weeks, (with a little bit of help) I was able to get almost 25 local people together for drinks and Drupal! How? About a month or so ago, I couldn’t find any information on a Geneva Drupal meetup; so I started a thread to “announce” my migration and to see if anyone was interested in a meetup, and voila! We had a couple dozen wonderful people talking about Drupal tonight. Also, we had very good feedback, and should be able to make this a monthly thing. My sincerest apologies for not knowing French yet, but I am on my way.

I think it’s really great to see how, even in this virtual Drupal community, there is still so much value and desire to get together with local people face to face. We had all types of Drupal people there, from people who have only heard of Drupal, people who just made their first node, to project managers, to developers, and to business owners and freelancers. There is a great community in Minneapolis and I hope I can bring that energy here to Geneva and make this a regular thing. There was even a joking mention of DrupalCon Lausanne (maybe in 2012).

If you are in the Geneva area, or in the greater Romandy (French-speaking Switzerland) region, please join up to the Switzerland group. I believe patchak asked for a new group for Switzerland-Romandy (hint, hint, nudge, nudge moderators); so look for that. Also, I will be posting a follow-up on the Switzerland group tomorrow to see how we want to proceed.

Thanks again!

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