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Drupal Highlights: Amanda Luker

17 Jan 2011

I was lucky enough to live near Amanda (mndonx) for a few years in Minneapolis, where we worked on many projects together and often went to the coffee shop together when working from home got a bit maddening. Her current, main job is theming at Advomatic.

Amanda definitely answered a lot of my Drupal theming questions along the way, but there is so much more as to why she deserves a quick thank you. As much as the technical challenges of Drupal are fun and the community is great, it is still very important to me to keep focus on why I do the work I do and this is why Amanda is so great. Amanda’s been a huge inspiration by being so involved and driven to use her talents for social change in local communities. I have always tried to use my powers for good, but I am very humbled when comparing myself to Amanda. She helped start Free Geek Twin Cities and Boneshaker Books as well as being involved in countless local organisations and communities including the once was Arise! Books (all Drupal sites by the way). I am not sure how she is able to balance all the awesome things she works on.

So, a big thank you goes out to Amanda for being an awesome friend and a huge inspiration both personally and professionally.

About These Posts

Drupal Highlights is a series of short posts saying a small token of appreciation to members in the Drupal community who might not otherwise get as much recognition as the more prominent contributors in the community do (though they totally deserve it as well). I think it is very important and strengthening for a community to showcase all the amazing things that happen in a community no matter how small. Please let me know if you want me to highlight someone you know.

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