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Geospatial BoF's DrupalCon scheduled!

08 Mar 2011

Geospatial BoF’s DrupalCon scheduled!

Today (Tuesday), March 08, 2011, at 3:15PM in the Missouri Room is the Building the Drupal Geospatial Stack, where developers will talk about the many geospatial modules in Drupal and how they can and do work together and what collaboration points there may or may not be.

Then tomorrow, Wednesday March 09, 2011 at 10AM in the Missouri Room, we will have a user focused support BoF, Drupal Geospatial Support to have users of the geospatial modules to have discussions on what is working or not and what questions they have about using these sets of modules in Drupal.

And finally, the Development Seed team will be discussing their impressive new tool, TileMill, tomorrow Wednesday March 09, 2011, at 11AM also in the Missouri Room to demo and discuss how this tool integrates with Drupal.

Hope to see everyone there.

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