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Johnny 5

18 Feb 2006

This evening I had the pleasure of spending time over at Beth’s house. She made some sort of lentil, rice, onion, collard greens, and beets dish. It was quite tasty. I don’t know about the yogurt, I have to admit. It wasn’t my thing. And that was all good, but after dinner we went down to the local Holywood video (which I did a couple days temp work at their Corporate Headquartes right outside of Portland, OR). She only had a VHS player so we looked at VHS tapes. It had been a long time since I had done that. At this particular store, they had quite the selection of VHS tapes. It was quite the spectacle. Anyway, after looking for quite some time, we finally decided on…. (wait for it)… Short Circuit 2!! Yes, you heard it right folks, Short Circuit 2. It is such a great movie.

Sometimes after ten years, when you come back to something, it doesn’t have the flare it once had. This was definitely not the case for Short Circuit 2. For those that aren’t in the know, it involves a robot (Johnny 5) that has “malfunctioned” and now has a personality all to his own. It goes through the struggles of his need for input in a large metropolitan city and becoming “accepted” into out human world. Jewel thieves and hang-gliding robots, what more could you ask for.

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