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Song About Alan

19 Feb 2006

Today I dropped some daisies off at Cole’s house. I had to break in, but I think she needed them more than that window. The idea of giving flowers is a little strange, what with their imminent parish. Still it is nice to get flowers. I wouldn’t mind getting flowers. (Hint hint to anyone out there).

Then I ate lunch with Ms. Andi McDaniel at the French Meadow and all their organic, local glory. I had the tempeh reuben. I am not a huge fan of sauerkraut but reubens usually come in such a great variety. At the restaurant, “On Deck” in Portland, OR you will find a great reuben. I worked there for a short time. Anyway lunch was nice.

After lunch we spent a minute up in her apartment, as she had mucho work to accomplish. After a quick digestive silence, she broke out the guitar and strummed and sang. I bet you didn’t know she could do that. I wasn’t quite aware either. After a little warming up, she went into the finale: A song about yours truely. No, she did not stay up all night writing it. It was defintely in-prov. It was hilarious. She sang about our lunch together and my living in Saint Paul, which is no good, among other things. Then, fifteen minutes into this magnificant ballad she kind of trailed off into how delicious cats were and the such. I appreciate all the great things people have done for me in my life to no end, and there have been so many great incidents, but it was the first time I had a song sung just for me, to me, about me. It made me feel special.

So, thanks Andi.

  Johnny 5