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20 Feb 2006

I am working on a site where I want to use an Open Source CMS. There is a great resource to do research on this exact subject at Open Source CMS. It creates a fresh install of lots of different CMS systems every two hours.

So, I used Drupal for a minute because I had heard good things, and it comes highly rated at Open Source CMS. Druapl truned out to not be what I needed for this project. It is very powerful, but it was not very user-friendly and intuitive, at least to me, so I figured this would not be good for the less-technical users of the CMS.

Then I tried MODx. It has such a nice interface. It seems a little slow on my machine with all that Javascript, but it is not really that limiting. It makes a lot of sense to me. It seems really easy to make templates and customize code. The one bad side might be that there does not seem to be that many “extensions” offered yet. Hopefully more will come. This may limit it for me, such that, it will not provide the full functionality I might be looking for in future projects. But so far so good!

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