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Andy's Birthday at Azia

26 Feb 2006

Last night was Andy’s birthday. We surprised her at a restaurant called Azia, which also contains a Sushi Bar and a Saki Lounge, called the Catepillar Lounge. It was a drunken mess. Buta fun chaos. Azia is ultra trendy. There was loud, semi-decent techno, a late night happy hour, and kung-fu and anime movies on a flat panel. The only redeming part was the kung-fu movies.

So, the main reason for this entry is to document my vow never to return, unless it is to “dine and run”, which is an option. At the end of the night when I was leaving and went up to the bar to pay out my tab, I found out that the barkeep had given my car to someone else! No, seriously, my card was in someone else’s hand. Now, I do not wish to point my finger at the bar-person. It is an honest mistake, but a huge inconvenience, and a breach of my personal security. So, the manage there talked to me for a minute and took down my number. I could understand there was not much to be done at 2:00am. He told me to call the owner who would be in tomorrow.

Today, I called the owner, wanting some answers! He did not seem to care too much and seemed busy. So, he said he would call me right back because he had not read the “manager’s report” from the night before. Still, no call back.

Since then, I have cancelled my card and am beggining to endure the huge inconenience of not having my check card for a week and a half. This was necessary for two reasons: 1) that person that has my card could easily spend my money, and 2) they could keep my card information and possibly use it against me in the future.

So, what I want is a free dinner, to put it bluntly. I am not looking for a handout (not really at least); I just wanted some concern and some retribution for the problem that Azia had caused. I did not get that. I just got brushed aside. At any restaurant that cares about keeping customers, they are pretty lenant about giving away a few drinks or meals if necessary. I know, I have worked in many restaurants. So, where is my free dinner!? So, do not go to Azia. I am starting my boycott as of right now, but maybe after I eat some food and do not pay for it.

  Andrew Bird
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