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Global Issues

26 Feb 2006

I have been meaning to write this post for a while, but it seems to slip my mind (which it shouldn’t). About a month ago, I came across this wonderful internet resource (website) called It is just that: a website focused on providing a information base for all sorts of global issues. It is not a news site, so much as a gathering of resources and summaries of issues that should be addressed. If you should want a beggining point on a number of Global Issues, such as Causes of Poverty, Fair Trade, and so much more, then it is a really great place to start some research., besides for the fact that it is done with ASP, is a really well laid out site full of so much information, maintained by a really nice guy, Anup Shah all by his lonesome. I know he is nice because I have had the pleasure of having some minor contact with him. Check it out.

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