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26 Feb 2006

I should be working, but I am just not concentrating. Most music reviews start off something like this: “Everyonce in a while a band will come along…” like some bad movie trailer, or something like “There are so many bands that… but…”. It is too hard to find bad music reviews.

McLusky is brutally honest, a wonderful quality. If you want something that will offend you, make you cringe, and make you want to move, then give McLusky a whirl. I have only listened to them for a couple years (as thanks to Joel and Chris), but they have been around for about 6 years from what I understand. They broke up some time last year which is a shame. What’s a shame is putting out a best of album. I am not a big fan of these unless it contains things that are no longer released. This new release, McLuskyism (released after they broke up, nonetheless, so I wonder who gets the profits) is a good place to start for new-comers. As I am not impressed, it’s a nice reminder of great songs.

Even with such great tunes, McLusky can sell me on simply album titles like “the difference between me and you is that i’m not on fire”, “my pain and sadness is more sad and painful than yours”, as well as “she will only bring you happiness”. And I especially am fond of one of their best songs called “alan is a cowboy killer”.

Here is a Pitchrofk Media Review of “the difference between me and you is that i’m not on fire”.

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