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Evil in the World Today

02 Apr 2006

As I was looking for links for the great bands of the previous post, it seems more and more bands only have MySpace (notice how I do not link to it) accounts. If you are unaware, MySpace is a soul reaper, much like Death, the Eternal Footman. Everytime you click on the Login button, you are putting in another quarter for your amusement ride to hell. Every animated GIF (picture) causes small strokes in the left side of your brain. And each second you wait for the pages to load and reload at MySpace, is time you will never get back. Please note the picture provided; it is my rendering of what I would imagine MySpace would look like was MySpace not just digitial information. Now, I am not here to tell you how to live your life; I just wanted to warn you. There is still time for salvation.

Note: I do have a MySpace account and I am aware my soul is long gone. if you are interested in being my MySpace Friend, I have this simple rule: Do not try to talk to me, I will talk to you.

MySpace is the Grim Reaper © unknown (edited by Alan Palazzolo)

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