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Immigrant Bill Protest

09 Apr 2006

Today I Rallied with tens of thousands of people to protest against the Immigration Bill 4437 that was passed by the House last year and is still being debated in the Senate. A couple of the main points being debated are that the bill would make “illegal presence” a felony, as well as aid to illegal immigrants, and would enact the construction of a “wall” for the entire US-Mexican border.

Some Resources:

My thoughts (that sound like a 5-year-old):

I will not claim to be all that in the know and I am not here to tell you how to live your life or how to think. I believe in one culture. I know there seems to be some huge differences between nations but borders only create war. Instead of trying to create more defined borders, we should concentrate on making everyone’s life better and something to value. Everyone should be able to live a full and meaningful life no matter where they are.

I do know that our country was founded on immigration and further more slavery and genocide of many people. We are not righteous. We do not belong here as much as anyone else does. This land is not ours to hold, but it provides a place to build from. We can build a better place for every person on this planet, not just one country.

I am a simple man, but I think people may forget that the we must keep the simple idea burning before we can make instrumental strides towards achieving those goals. Details can sometimes confound the much larger picture.

So, maybe I sound like a hippie, and maybe I am telling you how to live your life, but we all have to learn to love and accept each other.

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