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Taylors Falls and Franconia

10 Apr 2006

Saturday I had the pleasure of venturing to Taylors Falls which is located on the Saint Croix River which is about an hour north of the Twin Cities. We took a small hike along the river which actually featured some contour and ridges which are hard to find in this flat land we call Minnesota. The river was exceptionally high and the “falls” were more rapids. The sign even put the word “falls” in quotations. It was beautiful and so fullfilling to get outside these grasping cities. Thanks Erika.

Before we arrived in Taylors Falls, we stopped at the Franconia Sculpture Park which was amazing. It seemed almost like a makeshift junk yard, but in a beautiful, intended way. I am not much of an art critic but I was very pleased.

I have posted some pictures that Tim took here. (There are a few pictures of Scott Baio (Charlie), who is Tim’s cute, little dog).

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