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A Joy in Every Possibility

11 Apr 2006

Spring has finally arrived!

Sometimes, all it takes is a warm sunny day to make you see the world with open eyes again. Today (as opposed to yesterday) was not so sunny, but it was warm and the flip-flops came out. I found myself taking a couple extra breaks at work. It’s difficult when you work in a “dungeon”. It is a great dungeon, as far as those places go. It just seems to not have any windows, and the chance of windows remains at a steady zero. This week is offering solace in weather.

The grass has begun to green-up but the trees remain barren. I can see it in their eyes, they are ready. But like myself, they know that the cold has not yet found slumber for the summer solstice. It will be nice for the growth and the leaves to come soon enough. It will also be a comfort to have my path I came here by a little overgrown. Though I struggle to preserve my path so much, my memory can only fend off the weeds and squirrels for so long. Those squirrels, with their little feet and twitchy tails, they always leave a mess behind. Its hard to maintain a trail you no longer venture down. Still, it is probably best not to forget how we came to be where we are now.

It was an emancipating day, in my over-emotional rollercoaster of a life. With all these ups and downs and loops, its a wonder how I get anywhere.

That is all.

  Taylors Falls and Franconia
Blind Woman on the Bus