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Pizza Farm

10 May 2006

I went to Stockholm, Wisconsin with Miss Andi McDaniel. We went to the Pizza Farm. What?! You didn’t know pizza grew on trees? They have prefected it here for sure. I know too much about pizza and it was quite the tasty pie.

Andi stayed with these wonderful people Todd and Evi and their great sons, Stanley and Chester. They live near there and live and a fram andd do farn things. It was Stanley’s birthday. He turned the big 8. Kids, pizzas, cake, farms, stray cats, goats, and anvil clouds, and of course Andi. I don’t think it could have been a better day.

It was so amazing to get out of the city. We drove along the river the whole way. The windows down and a mix of our (mostly my) favorite songs. We almost got lost because I spaced on the navigation. We actually used a real map to get there, the whole way. I got the train to blow its whistle because we seemed to have followed it the whole way along the river. Then, when we came to Pepin lake, which is just a wide part of the river, the sun shone down on the lake as if heaven was spewing down. It wa quite the spectacle. The ray’s of light were so clearly visible and the lake was blinding with the light, but the clouds were thick. I suppose I should have taken a picture.

After cake, the sky turned black. Certain death had arrived so we had to leave. There was anvil cloud, as Wes had pointed out. Which apparently is bad. But we made it through the dismal skies and listened to cheesy 80s music the whole way back.

Simply wonderful.

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