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22 Jun 2006

KickBall season is upon us. Some friends have started a team and I got picked (not last)! It should be a great time. I think we can drink while we play and that only spells debaucherous fun. So, we are still deciding on a name. Here are the other names for the teams in the league (a lot of Balls references, who would have thought). In most cases, coming up with possible Team Names can be a huge mess. But not this team. Check out the list below of possible names. Hilarious! The Flutterbums
Fats Domino
Nap Time All The Time
Jim Everett C. Koop
The Forceful Gentlemen
Balls Deep
Excuse My Reach
Wistful Apocolypse
The Sherzeys
The Oh Mys
Bob Herme’s Big Idea
Nine Ways To Skin A Cat, Nine Ways To Regret It
The Mystic Tic Tocs
Whole Foods Dudes
Ritz Bitz and Triscut Mits
Coagulated Love Songs
We Like Ribs
Grim Fandango
Stop Acting Like a Baby
Sweet Nothings
Behold, My Leg
Your Wish Is My Command
The Butter Kings
The Photo Finnish
The Anti-Youth Movement
The Buckle Ups
The Crankcasters
The Physical Challenge
Ed Will Be Ted
Tony Blair Is Listening
Gnads With A G
You Gotta Be Into Betsey
Dairy Bones
Don’t Hate The Player
Hate The Game
The Kicktastics
Kickles and Bits
Flat Tony
The Foot Fetishists
Horse Taste
We’ll Spot You Four
Czesc Kickball!
The Three Game Winning Streak
You’re Crazy Man, I Like You But You’re Crazy
The Palazzolos
The Fourth Baseman
The Most Attractive Team You Know It
How to Learn French
Cheshire Rats
The No One Says ‘Spouse’
Oh My God That Man Is Dead
How to Forget French
The Freebasers
Kickle Monsters
The Political Insiders Drink Tab
Runaway Spidermonkeys
The Diduknowz

Remember Altavista?
The Core Values
Kicks Are For Kids
Renal Failure
Big Base
Bouncing Baby Jesuses
The Royal Federation of Masonic Kickballers Pro Tem
The My Baby’s Dead
The Feets
You Will End In DeFeet
The Defeetists
The Death Rock Babies
The Evenflows
Swollen Tony
Hate Makes Waste
Combat Bear 2000
Apple Eats Girl
The Sure-Fire Surefires
Man eats 47 cheese sandwiches in 10 min
The Alternative Mothers
MUSA Gun Done
Vacation to Winsterdam
The Inserts
The Audiomagazines
Let’s Play One
Seize the Play
The Snugglers
The Fancy Rays
The Hellions
Tush Must Rust
Quarter for the Bus
Five Run Rally
Laugh Last Inning
The Ballistics
The Cutest
Tightrope Wider
George Will Ferrell
Al Gore Vidals
Puerto Rican Not Mexican Bitch
Sponsored by Wal-Mart
Soccer and Baseball
We’ll Kick a Ball But Still We Won’t Play Soccer
The Believers
The Roth IRAs
The GOP Machine
The Ballotstuffers
The Radio Cures
The Primers
The For Three Weeks in July We Will Fall In Love
The Play Divorcees
The Mercy Rule
The Racial Stereotypes
The Milk, Potatoes, Bread, Some Fruits
The My Grocery List Tonights
Let’s Go Home
The I Know It’s Been a Long Time But I’m Still In Love With You
The Don’t Do Me Like Thats
The Kick Ball Players

The Kick Ball Team
The Team For Kickball
O’Doyle Rules
Knuckle Sandwich
Delusions of Grandeur
Oh Yeah? Well You’re Ugly.
Greasy Spoons
Sore Losers
Tes Tickles
Ugly Ducklings
Pants on Fire
Mud Muffins
Sugar Dumplings
Grease Lightnin’
The Forgettables
Group of People Having Fun
The Poets Don’t You Know Its
The Fanny Mae Foundation
The Boastonians
The Unmarked Helicopters
The I’m Skipping Dodgeball For This
The Beauty Without
Always Captains
Seriously, That Nelly Furtado Has Got Some Fresh Beats
The Good News Bears (re: Jesus)
The Tendencies
The Dominatiacs
The WINdustries
We Guarantee Victory in Game Two
I Just Threw Up In My Mouth A Little
Funny and Rude
Ketchup With A Kick
Remember What It’s Like To Touch Someone New For The First Time? And Then To
Touch Them Again? Wow, Now That’s Life.
Fatz Dominoz
The Narms
Chores d’¦uvre
The athletic beagles
3 cheers for Randall
Olives and rust
My nalgene bottle is actually full of beer
the Kickers
The Devil vs Richard Nixon
Killbot death army
The Sanitation Commissioners
Run Ronnie Run!
Doogie Houser, MD
The Hall Monitors
Mark Kennedy is a big fat jerk
The Harry Potters
The Jackolopes
Peter Brady
Death from above

  Summer Solstice!
Hip Hop and Harmony 2006