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The Bestest Google Failure

30 Jul 2006

If you Google the word “failure”, the first match is very interesting. I will let you do it yourself. This is very interesting and presents the great question of how this happened.

Being a web developer, I immediately searched for the word “failure” in the document but to no avail. Then why and how would this happen? I thought Google may have “hard-wired” this into its internet search functionality. I also thought briefly that there was just an enormous amounts of back links to this page in the context of “failure”. I wanted to believe Google purposefully had done this.

If you go farther into the search results you will find this article on how it happened. It involves the “back links”. What happened is a process known as Google Bombing.

Overall you should respect Google for stickin’ to their guns. Also, you should be proud of the great people that have made this happen and how much it says as a statement.

I have to do my part as well, so I will make a link to the number one failure page.

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