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10 Oct 2006

Days seamlessly shrink and hasten bedtime
as notorious night ripens the autumn moon.
The sun becomes Southern, a sprightly
belle spoken in a draw. With dashing moves,
the winter approaches a reluctant summer.

Light compiled no longer, the green subsides
into an ocean of transition. The trees tomb
facilitates its own hibernation and like
fireworks, the leaves explode, a moment
of fire before the furnace-embracing winter.

Production ceases, the factory decays, a blight
annually announced by each step. The leaf stumbles
to the ground, a passing of weightlessness glides
through the air. The freedom of change roams
before the first frost bites this photographer.

I like the way you walk fast as if there might
be warmth in that brisk morning – a wakeful-
ness prepared to pounce. So, we gather a pile
of organic thoughts one at a time. If we should
jump into that accumulation, we should fall together.

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