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the reckoning

21 Apr 2008

This is People II: The Reckoning by Andrew Jackson Jihad on the album People That Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People in the World.

There are many bands and artists that strive to say the things that no one will. AJJ does that very well, but they do it with love, embracing the beauty in us all.

We are rainbows. We are beautiful and have something to offer to others. We are amazing and happy and make this world a great place. I have so much love for everyone.

We are not rainbows. We all lie, cheat, steal; we hurt the ones we love; we all have thoughts of suicide and murder; we all want to fuck the people we shouldn’t; we all just want to watch television sometimes; we all hate; we all have deep, dark secrets.

These things don’t make us bad. It’s a crazy world, and it would be impossible to not have these thoughts and feelings. What makes us bad, is that we are so afraid of these thoughts. We hide them and don’t ever talk about them. We fester our insecurities and lie to ourselves and others, to the point where all we can say is “Good” when someone asks how we are.

I think we push that darkness down, hoping to just deal with it later or not at all. Embrace it! Get it out! Scream! Personally, I don’t want to die with any secrets or regrets or darkness. (Unfortunately I would if I left today, but I’m working on it.) I don’t want to die thinking that I pulled any punches. There’s that saying, something like:

Live everyday likes it’s your last. It’s cliche and so usual, but we don’t even come close to it. It’s about time to let go and practice that a little more. Our deaths will not be televised, and even if they were, would you really care if a bunch of people you didn’t know watched and cried. Embrace the ones you love, and love everyone. Tell your friends you love them, and tell them they piss you off, and tell them you’re really fucking sad and want to kill someone. And listen to them.

Anyway, that’s where I am with this song and myself. Explore yourself.

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