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our bodies, like spoons

27 Apr 2008

The low hum of the computer fills the room,
but in a way that seeps in between the air.
The room is dark like the sky, not completely
without light. The cats purr in their sleep,
contented comfort snuggled in each paw.
Our bodies fit together like sporks, raised
on their sides. The radiator murmurs;
the room is far from still, and yet sleeps
in a bed of moments, each one beginning
and ending. Her skin so close to my skin,
our heat has no catalyst or end, one big spoon
fitted, attached at the heart. Her dreams
sail her through her day, all at once,
nothing to stop or start, just an emotion.

There is no line that separates
where I begin and she ends
but we’ll find it within our love,
in our bed, in this moment.

  the reckoning
tender is the day the demons go away