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DrupalChix Sticker Design Contest!

25 Feb 2010

Spread the word; Chach Sikes and Erika Stenrick who work with Gorton Studios, have just announced a DrupaChix Sticker Design Contest for DrupalCon San Francisco (sponsored by Gorton Studios). This is a great opportunity for anyone to show off their design skills, and, more importantly, help support women in our Drupal community.

In case you aren’t in the know, DrupalChix is an awesome group dedicated to supporting existing women in the Drupal community as well as working towards getting more women involved in Drupal. Drupal has such a great community, but we could be so much better by getting more women (and other under-represented people) involved into Drupal.

The stickers will be made in mass quantity and distributed at DrupalCon San Francisco. Designs are due in by 15 March 2009, so act quick! Post your entries to this thread. And for the non-designers, voting begins on 17 March 2010.

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