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DrupalCamp Spain and OpenLayers Presentation

06 Mar 2010

Last weekend (26-28 Feb 2010) DrupalCamp Spain happened in Barcelona at the great CitiLab (pic), which is where DrupalCon Barcelona happened a few years ago. I don’t have the exact numbers in front of me, but there was just about the same number of attendees for the DrupalCon a few years ago as there were for the DrupalCamp just a week ago (before and after)! Drupal is getting huge!

The camp was wonderful. The organizers did a great, professional job. Though my Spanish is not very good at all, all the presenters did a great job and had a nice variety of topics. I met lots of wonderful people, both seasoned Drupal professionals and Drupal first-timers. Unfortunately my trip was short, but I did get to experience some of the beauty of Barcelona. And, of course, there was the poll-dancing Drupal gorilla (pretty standard). Thanks for having me and for all the hard work!

Understanding OpenLayers Presentation

I did a presentation on Understanding OpenLayers and Drupal. I think it went pretty well. I am still getting my sea legs (and by sea legs I mean ability to speak in front of people); but the room was packed, and I got to do my first Prezi presentation. I am pretty pleased with Prezi, though it took some time to put it all together and stop thinking about things so linearly.

Below is an embedded version of the presentation; it actually starts on the second point. This is a presentation based on OpenLayers 2.x which is still in development but doing good thanks to the hard work of the developers. They took video at the camp, so I am assuming one day there will be a video which might help with understanding the presentation some.

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