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Code Review Sprint on Friday at DrupalCon

03 Mar 2011

See the forum sprint topic about Code Review for updates and questions

Friday, March 11, is the day of Sprints at DrupalCon Chicago 2011. I know writing code is important, but its also really important to make sure we have more people on board to write that code. This involves doing code reviews. So, let’s do this on Friday!

We need people to do code reviews. All you have to do is feel like you have a solid grasp of writing modules and you can do this! We want to attack the project application queue.

Want to have your application reviewed in person? Come and join us and make this process more meaningful and speedy. Make sure you have started your application.

And finally, theres lots of other things that can be done. Documentation always needs some extra love. It would be great to get some visual materials to help get more people to both contribute code and review code. Also, it would be super cool to think critically about how Drupal does outreach to get new code contributors, and how we can specially get a more diverse crowd contributing.

Everyone is welcome!

  Seattle Municipal Tower
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