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Government and DrupalCon

04 Mar 2011

In just some very short days, DrupalCon Chicago 2011 will start and it will be huge! I have to say I am a bit nervous by 1000’s of Drupalers in one hotel; but I am totally excited as well and can’t wait to see what gets done in a week.

I just wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the activities going on around Drupal and Government at DrupalCon this year.

There’s been very big news recently concerning Drupal and government with the launch of Open Public, a Drupal distribution aimed at government agencies. Jeff Walpole from Phase2 will be leading a session on their new Open Public product. This will be worth seeing.

And, as a new fellow in the Code for America program, I wanted to get the government folks together just to some bonding and seeing where people are, so I have proposed a Drupal and Government BoF.

I hope to meet a lot of people working in the government sector or who are interested in it. Also, if you really want to get into Drupal and Government, check out Drupal Gov Days in Belgium in April this year.

  Code Review Sprint on Friday at DrupalCon
Mapping, GIS, Cartography at DrupalCon