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San Francisco Public Art

16 Sep 2011

See the San Francisco Public Art.

Using all publicly available data from the city of San Francisco, I put together a elevation map that plots out the public art in the city. There is also the ability to “fly through” the public arts and focus on each one.

This is mostly an experiment in mapping. I was able to build this with all open source technology and all free, public data. All the data was taken from, and most of the technology was based from Mapbox. Technologies included TileMill to create the tile set and basic data interaction, TileStream to host the tiles, Modest Maps to create the map interface, Wax to tie the mapping together, Easey for panning around the map, Tango Icons for some visual effects, and HTML5 Boilerplate for basic HTML mockup. You can download all the code from Github project.

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