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First Ever Drupal Non-Profit Summit

05 Oct 2011

This year at the Bay Area Drupal Camp on Friday, October 21, 2011 we will be holding the first ever Drupal Non-Profit Summit, an event focused on bringing all the great people working with Drupal in the non-profit sector. And there are lots of us; we have around 150 signups already!

We went and saw the venue where the summit will be held today, the Marsh in downtown Berkeley, and it’s going to be perfect for what we want to do. We are trying to push the boundaries of what has been done at Drupal events traditionally. Indeed, it is technically the first of its kind, but, more importantly, we are really focusing on conversation and group activities. We will barely be using projectors, sitting in circles, and gently nudging everyone to participate (you know all that hippie stuff you expect from Berkeley). We hope people learn a lot, but more importantly, we hope that we can build relationships between all the great people using Drupal to make the world a better place.

The hope is that this will become a regular event for this important sector within the Drupal community (hopefully not so close to PNWDSummit next time). If you are town, please stop on by, it’ll be all smiles.

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