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Protect the Internet with Drupal

19 Jul 2012

Some of you may remember when Wikipedia and others went dark in protest of the SOPA and PIPA. This was a huge movement that was (probably) the main reason why those bills did not get passed. It was also the first time that such a number of large websites protested in unison in such a significant way; a very monumental occasion for the Internet. Unfortunately, there are still many freedoms to protect and legislation to speak up against.

Be a Superhero!

But, you can help out! Today, the Internet Defense League launches to help make the tactics described above into a real call to action across the world on any website. “Think of it like the internet’s Emergency Broadcast System, or its bat signal!”

Do you have a Drupal site?

Well, if you do, all you have to do is install the new Internet Defense League module and when the League needs you, your site will be called upon to help protect the freedoms we enjoy so much on the Internet.

I believe in this

I care about our freedoms, especially on the Internet, and will often throw some Tweets around about how people can help or important topics. But I rarely will write a blog post, even write code, for an internet movement; not because I don’t care, but because its a fast changing place and its hard to tell what will really stick around the Internet. I believe in this effort: a distributed network of websites that can all speak out at once. (The main thing I worry about is how often it gets used; you can’t call on Batman every day)

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