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Registered Voters in Minnesota Counties

03 Nov 2012

A look at relation between registered voters in Minnesota counties (and experimenting with D3)

By registered voters, the 5 most populous counties, out of 87, makes up just slightly over 50% of all registered voters in the state of Minnesota. This does not work like the Presidential race with the electoral college where one state gives all its votes to a single candidate, voting on state wide elections is done by the populous vote alone. It does point out just how unevenly distributed registered voters are across the counties, and this could influence how state wide races turn out; it also explains how on a map, Minnesota may look red, but still vote blue.

The chart below is interactive; you can click on any county to add it to the selected pile and see how it swings the count.

Do note that this interactive piece is made with D3 and uses SVG which means it will not run in older browsers like Internet Explorer 7 or 8.

Registered voter data provided by the MN Secretary of State. Data processing aided by ScraperWiki.

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