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New Site (again)

12 Jul 2013

As a web developer/coder/architect/whatever I can’t help care about and constantly change my “web presence”, even if I don’t make a lot of content. This site ( has, or is currently in the process of being, moved and redeveloped from the ground up.

The new site runs on Jekyll and is hosted through Github Pages. The previous site was run on Drupal and hosted at Here are the main reasons why I have made this shift.

  • Cost. Github Pages is a free service provided by Github. I was not spending a lot of money with, but that was through some discounts. Running Drupal sites that can handle traffic spikes is not a cheap activity.
  • Complication. Jekyll is a very thin layer on top of plain HTML/CSS/JS; it has very little options and features. Previously I had hoped and sometimes accomplished using my personal site(s) as places for experimentation where having a full server and platform made sense, but now I just want to make a small post and go. Drupal is a complicated, and powerful, platform that I just don’t need and haven’t really used in some time. I also don’t have to worry about server administration.
  • Stability. With significantly less complication, the site is much more stable.
  • Security. The new site is essentially flat files and that means there is little to no security risks. With Drupal I had to stay on top of security updates.
  • Skills. I no longer do much Drupal work and those skills are not as sharp as they once were. On the flip side, I use Github everyday and code primarily with just HTML/CSS/JS.
  • Newness. It was time for a change (visually).

I recently dug up content and old sites, so you can some samples of previous versions of this site.

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