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Alan, the Carpenter

03 Jul 2006

I spent this past sunday building a desk for myself. My room is kind of small and space is very limited. I had a makeshift work-area that involved using a bunch of smaller pieces of furniture, but it was not very efficient on space and the height was not consistent. I looked around to find a desk I could purchase, or even just a big table, but nothing was good enough. So, I decided to make my own. This would not usually be a big deal, but in this particular case, it was my first time building anything so massive on my own. So, it was also my first chance to use a circular saw and a random orbital sander. Both are a lot of fun, but the saw was a little dangerous, especially with my lack of safety equipment.

Now, along with my reorganization of my room, I have lots of space and a wonderful work-area. I was thinking about documenting my work, but I understand that my carpentry skills are very primitive so I just took some picture of the finished product that you can find here.

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